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How to start a car dealership


If you want to launch a new dealership or you are a new dealer or you want to improve your performance, gain and income, we are ready to deploy our processes that are well implemented inside our solutions based on industry best practices and experts knowledge.

Dealer Software As A Service

Software As A Service

Our software solutions are totally deployed on reliable clouds and you can start using it by a simple subscription and a monthly payment.

It includes: DMS, PRO-DEALER Mobile and Dealer's Website.

How to manage a car dealership


Our team are ready to walk you through all the features and benefits of our system until you feel confident and convenient using this super user friendly auto dealer software.


Fully Integrated Elements

SYS&GO Integrated Dealer Solution has three components: 

  • SYS&GO Dealer Management System (DMS)
  • PRO DEALER Mobile App
  • Manageable Modern Website

Some of the features of this solution are:

Inventory Management
Saving Vehicle Photos
Vehicle States
Saving Purchase Receipt Of Vehicles
Saving Bill Of Purchase Picture For A Vehicle
Seeing Bill Of Purchase Picture For A Vehicle
Saving Carfax Image For A Vehicle
Ad Posting
Ad Settings
Saving Vehicle Costs Invoice Picture
Adding Vehicle Costs
Vehicle Locations
Vehicle Information Card
Adding Customer Information
Adding Customer Information Manually
Selling Vehicles & Printing Bill Of Sale
Reprinting or Editing A Bill Of Sale
Saving General Costs Invoice Picture
Adding General Costs
Vehicles Price Update
Saving Deposit Date of Sale Payment Portions
Using Calendar To Define Events And Reminders
Staying Organized By Using Task Manager
Scheduled & Recurring Tasks
Scheduled & Recurring General Costs
Sending, Receiving & Managing Emails
Online Chat With Your Customers
Business Intelligence With The Main Dashboard
System Administration
Managing Website Through Desktop App
Dealer Information Details
Look & Feel Settings


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